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Are you looking for Air Conditioning for your vehicle?

A rise in your vehicle's cabin temperature during warm summers can cause discomfort to a great deal. However, an optimally functioning air-con system can keep the interiors cool, resulting in comfortable driving. A car air conditioning system also improves air quality by filtering out airborne bacteria and other pollutants. It also helps to demist the vehicles windscreen, so you always have a clear view.

So, you should get routine and professional car air conditioning service Loughborough from us - A & H Autos. We are a reliable and very well-known workshop serving Loughborough and the wider area. Our experts provide comprehensive car repair and part replacement services at very reasonable rates, including air conditioning servicing.

Moreover, our trained technicians use modern equipment to repair, replace parts or carry out a re-gas of your car's air-con system after a thorough inspection of several AC components. However, we recommend you get a car air conditioning replacement in case of severe issues.

Symptoms Of Faulty Air-con System

You should visit our facility urgently on noticing the following signs:

  • Warm air blowing out of the car AC
  • Accumulation of water droplets on windows, floorboards, windscreens etc.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Foul odour inside the cabin
  • Unusual rattling sound from the car's AC

If you experience these warning signs, head over to us at Little Moor Lane Loughborough LE11 1SF for a comprehensive car air conditioning service Loughborough. An early servicing from our repair centre will help avoid exorbitant bills going forward.

Our Air Conditioning Service

At our facility, experts check the following car air conditioning components to find out the problem areas effectively:

  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Thermal expansion valve
  • Compressor
  • Accumulator or receiver

Our team can determine the extent of damages by inspecting all the parts with precision. After that, they will suggest the due course of action depending on the nature and extent of the issues.

Note that if damages caused to your car air conditioning parts are beyond repair, you should get replacement services from our workshop. We stock OE-grade spares for reliable and professional replacements of car air con system.

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