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At A & H AUTOS you can rest assured that you will receive only the best car service throughout Loughborough and the surrounding areas. When it comes to vehicle and car servicing, the team at A & H AUTOS have a number of years’ experience; you can rest assured that you are in the right hands with A & H AUTOS.

Professional Local Mechanics

We are proud to have a team of expert and knowledgeable mechanics at A & H AUTOS. Our garages are fully equipped with everything that’s needed to service your vehicle; our team will ensure your car is back on the road in no time. Having worked on a range of vehicles, our knowledgeable mechanics are fully qualified to assess your vehicle repair and carry out any services that you may require.

Our garage in Loughborough is equipped with only the best tools to guarantee a quality repair. From brake repairs, vehicle puncture repairs to tyre repairs, these are just some of the services we offer. Our highly skilled mechanics have completed repairs and services on almost every make and model that is on the road today, from classic and traditional through to vintage and classic cars; there isn’t a car our team can’t service or repair. What’s more is our A & H AUTOS automotive service also offers an honest approach with a complete repair guarantee on all parts, repairs, and services.

Our Vehicle Servicing

You don’t necessarily have to use the main dealer for your vehicle’s servicing, as since 2003 you are fully entitled to choose any garage to carry out your car service, without it invalidating your original manufacturer’s warranty. Here, at A & H AUTOS, we only use original equipment quality parts to ensure your warranty remains intact. Failure to get your car serviced regularly as per the manufacturer's guidelines can potentially lead to severe damage to vital vehicle parts as may even significantly bring down its resale value. We highly recommend regular servicing, as it is the best preventive measure to minimise the risk of unwanted breakdowns. Regular servicing also offers higher fuel efficiency and ensures that you maintain your vehicles retail value. Employing the latest equipment, we offer two different levels of services, designed to cater to your budget. 

Interim service from £45.00

This includes checking the vehicles’ interior and exterior, pre-alignment check, under the bonnet check, a brief inspection of the vehicle, service item replacement, and a final examination. This service does not include checking climate control/air conditioning, mirrors, power steering, auxiliary drive, radiator, and cooling hoses.

Full service form £99.00

It includes checking the vehicles’ interior, exterior, pre-alignment check, a thorough inspection below the bonnet and under the vehicle, draining and replacement of oil, oil filter, screen wash, engine air filter, spark plugs, service item replacement. We will top-up the fluids and check everything from your exhaust to the correct operation of seat belts, service item replacement, and a final check. We also provide these additional services:

  • Engine flush £20.00
  • Fuel treatment £20.00
  • Transmission service from £50.00

Benefits of Servicing your Vehicle Regularly

If you regularly have your vehicle services, your vehicle can benefit from the following:

  • Reduced repair costs over the life of the car
  • Reduced risks of breakdown or mechanical fault
  • Reduced garage time for your car
  • Lessened unforeseen repair costs
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Potentially extended life of tyres, brake discs, etc.

We kindly note that our technicians will remove your wheels, so we will require you to bring along your vehicle’s locking nuts. You will also be required to bring your service book with you as our technicians will stamp your book. An empty boot is also desirable as we will inspect the condition and tread depth of your spare tyre.

Why Choose A & H AUTOS for Car Servicing?

At A & H AUTOS, our team is dedicated to making sure your requirements are met, from vehicle servicing to repairs, you can trust that you’re in the right hands with our trustworthy mechanics. What’s more, is we service all car makes and models and have access to the required parts and labor. Most of our customers tie in their annual service with their MOT. The reason being its an ideal opportunity to get into the car as we already have it and can carry out all of the work together. At A & H AUTOS we always look after our customers and can even offer discounts on combining your service and MOT. We have been offering our car servicing to our clients in and around the Loughborough area for many years. Having listened to our client's feedback we believe some of the reasons you should choose us are:

  • Cover Loughborough and the surrounding areas
  • Team or trained and accredited installers
  • Years of experience in the mechanic's industry
  • Established company and well-known reputation

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If you find yourself searching for ’Car Servicing Near Me’, then be sure to contact the experts at A & H AUTOS today. No matter what car service you are looking for we will provide a first-class service when it comes to making sure your vehicle is on the road safely and securely. For all your vehicle repairs, servicing or MOTs, contact our expert team today!

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