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Importance Of Lambda Sensors

Oxygen sensors or lambda sensors are located on the exhaust manifold and are used to measure the air to fuel ratio in the exhaust gas. This helps the catalytic converter to operate at the proper tolerance levels. In case the air to fuel ratio in a car's exhaust system reaches a harmful level, this lambda sensor sends a signal to the ECU.

What Are The Causes Of Lambda Sensor Failure?

Following are the primary causes of lambda sensor failure:

  • External and internal short circuits
  • No voltage or ground supply
  • Overheating
  • Contamination or deposits of dirt or soot
  • Mechanical damage
  • Using additives or leaded fuel

All the aforementioned causes can be easily avoided by routine car servicing.

Symptoms of a faulty Lambda Sensor

A malfunctioning lambda sensor exhibits the following symptoms:

  • High fuel consumption
  • Poor engine performance
  • High level of exhaust emissions
  • Engine light turns on the dashboard

Hence, if you come across any of the signs mentioned above, come to us and opt for a professional lambda sensor replacement Loughborough.

About our Lambda Sensor Service

Our highly experienced mechanics take utmost care while servicing lambda sensors. Unfortunately, it is not possible to repair a faulty lambda sensor. This is due to the sophisticated technology employed in the housing of these sensors.

When you come to us, our team will replace the malfunctioning lambda sensors with a new one at a reasonable price.

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