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Are you looking for MOT for your vehicle?

According to the UK legal guidelines, every vehicle owner must opt for an MOT test once their vehicle completes three years after its registration. This annual test allows car owners to assess the roadworthiness and environment-friendliness of their vehicle.

Are you looking for “MOT class 4 near me”?

Then look no further beyond A&H Autos. We are one of the DVSA-approved service stations providing reliable and prompt MOT Loughborough for class 4 vehicles at market-best rates.

What Are Class 4 Vehicles?

The following types of vehicles fall under the category of class 4 vehicles:

  • Three-wheeled vehicles (more than 450kg unladen weight)
  • Cars with up to eight passenger seats
  • Motor caravans
  • Quads
  • Dual purpose vehicles
  • Public service vehicles with up to eight seats
  • Taxis and ambulances
  • Private passenger vehicles and ambulances with nine to twelve passenger seats
  • Goods vehicles with up to 3000 kg of design gross weight

In case you own any of the above-mentioned vehicles and its MOT test is due, come and visit us. We are located at Little Moor Lane Loughborough LE11 1SF.

About Our MOT Class 4 Loughborough

Our testers use best-in-class tools and technologies to check the components of your vehicle as per the legal guidelines. Some of the components they check include:

  • Exhaust system
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Braking system
  • Suspension system
  • Horn
  • Seats and seatbelts
  • Lights
  • Vehicle exterior
  • Mirrors and more

After assessing the components thoroughly with utmost precision and accuracy, we provide a

* VT20 or ** VT30 certificate based on the test results.

Issues Under MOT

As per the legal guidelines, the issues under MOT are as follows:


These issues can significantly hamper your on-road driving safety and needs to be taken care of immediately.


These issues can affect the overall performance and lead to MOT failure.


Minor issues are defects that do not affect the result of MOT results. However, consider rectifying the issues to avoid complications and hefty servicing bills down the line.

MOT Certifications

Based on the nature of the issues and the test results, we provide either of the two certificates:

  • * VT20: This is an MOT pass certificate indicating that your vehicle has minor or no issues.
  • ** VT30: This certificate implies that your vehicle has major or dangerous issues and has failed its MOT and you are no longer allowed to drive it. The reason for the failure will be clearly listed on the certificate.

In case of MOT failure, we are happy to carry out any necessary repairs. If you get the work done by us within 10 days; we will carry out the necessary, partial re-test free of charge.

So visit us today in case your vehicle’s MOT is about to expire.

Call us now on 01509 214 713 to book an MOT test Loughborough. We are happy to help.

Please note: We also have emergency appointments available.

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