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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?

Any fault in the suspension system will hamper the vehicle’s handling stability and also make the vehicle susceptible to accidents. Hence, it is very important to ensure that every component of the suspension system is working optimally.

In case you come across any signs of a fault in the suspension system, opt for our professional suspension check Loughborough. You can visit our facility on Little Moor Lane Loughborough LE11 1SF. We are open from Monday to Friday.

At A&H Autos, we use best-in-class machinery and technology to inspect the components of the suspension system. Our team of technicians possess substantial knowledge and experience about handling the issues of a car suspension system with utmost precision and accuracy.

Why is so is an optimally functioning Suspension System so important?

The importance of a properly functioning car suspension system is as follows:

  • Enhanced friction between the road and the tyres that facilitates adequate steering control.
  • Suspension springs efficiently sustain the weight of the car and the occupants and offer an uncompromised driving experience.
  • Optimally functioning shock absorbers reduce impact even while driving on rough roads.

Signs Of A Faulty Suspension System

The symptoms of a faculty car suspension system are as follows:

  • One side of a vehicle sits lower than the other
  • Considerable jerking while driving
  • Vehicle nose-dives when applying the brakes
  • Greasy shock absorbers
  • Reduced cornering precision and more

Have you been noticing any of these symptoms lately?

Ignoring these signs and symptoms can affect the overall vehicle performance and can also lead to major safety issues.

Why Choose Us?

Our professionals will inspect all suspension system components with utmost care and precision before providing any solution. The components we check include:

  • Springs
  • Struts
  • Linkages
  • Dampers
  • Shock absorber and others

Once we have checked the components for rust, damage or corrosion, we will provide you with a suitable course of action.

Suspension parts are not repairable. Hence, we provide cost-effective replacement solutions and replace the faulty components with superior quality OE-grade spare parts.

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