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Are you looking for Wheel Bearings for your vehicle?

Wheel bearings are one of the crucial components of a vehicle. These help the car tyre, hub and wheels to function seamlessly together. The assembly consists of front wheel bearing and rear wheel bearing that allows the car wheels to move without any friction.

A&H Autos is a dependable automobile workshop offering comprehensive wheel bearing services Loughborough at an affordable rate. Therefore, get in touch with us if you come across any signs of faulty wheel bearings.

What Are The Causes Of Wheel Bearing Failure?

Following are the primary causes of wheel bearing failure:

  • Faulty installations of wheels using inappropriate tools like a hammer or impact wrench
  • Driving through potholes or over bumps at high speeds, resulting in impact damages
  • Using poor quality wheel bearings
  • Altering the rim sizes, etc.

Symptoms Of Bad Wheel Bearings

The signs and symptoms of bad wheel bearings are as follows:

  • Growling, rumbling or humming sound when the vehicle is moving
  • Loose steering wheel
  • Vibrating steering wheel
  • Malfunctioning ABS

In case you come across any of the signs mentioned above, reach out to us and opt for our professional wheel bearing service Loughborough.

Why Choose Us?

  • Once we find the fault in wheel bearings, we use superior quality OE-grade spares to replace the damaged or worn-out wheel bearings.
  • Our technicians use advanced tools and technologies to conduct the services and ensure no other parts get damaged during the services.
  • We have a transparent pricing policy. Hence, we make sure that you do not have to pay any additional charge while purchasing our products or opting for a service from us.

We will also never carry out any work without your permission.

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